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Congratulations on taking this very romantic and wonderful step!! Here are some handy steps and resources that you will want to know about when getting married in British Columbia…

Sometime in the three months leading up to the wedding you will need to buy a marriage licence. Obtaining one is super easy! It will set you back only $100.00 (no tax thank you). At least one of you will need to go in person to a marriage licence issuer. You will need to present ID for yourself and your partner… a birth certificate works well as does a passport and/or driver’s license. Click here to find one near you or stop in at the London Drugs on West Broadway (near Cambie) or the one downtown on Granville and Georgia. 10 minutes (pending any line ups at the insurance department) and you’re one step closer to saying “I do”!

Now all you need is a B.C. registered marriage commissioner or clergy person to officiate the ceremony (along with two witnesses) and then after the ceremony they will send in the license to Vital Statistics for registration. You should receive the marriage certificate in the mail in 3-4 weeks.

For more information as well as a lists of local marriage commissioners check out this super handy government website that breaks it all down…

Happy Wedding!

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