The Essentials

An a la carte planning service designed to give couples the freedom to choose what areas of the planning they feel they might best benefit receiving some experienced insight and support with. Tap into our knowledge, tools, and connections, but keep the wedding planning investment down by putting in the sweat equity as you move yourself through the planning of your wedding.

The service includes unlimited vendor referrals, a customized planning checklist (which you will love when things start to get busy), 10 hours of planning support (which can be used as you choose), unlimited phone or email Q&A, and our super popular and oh so awesome wedding day management service.

The Essentials Package Includes:

  A Custom Step by Step Planning Tool – Created based on all the information collected during our comprehensive Consultation Meeting.  Includes tasks, hand selected vendor referrals matched to your budget & style, tips, and reminders to maximize the success of your wedding.  This tool will be something you will come to rely on and LOVE! It’s pretty nifty if we do say so ourselves.

“Phone a Friend” or in this case Your Wedding Planner – As you move yourself through your planning journey and encounter questions or find yourself in need of advice or referrals from someone that knows more than you on the subject of weddings, send your planner an email or give her a call to get some answers and reassurance that you are on the right track!

10 hours of Planning Support – Chat with you planner about how best to utilize the hours during your consultation.  Additional planning hours can be added on as needed down the road if desired.  Some of the areas that might be most beneficial are:

  • Momentum Meetings ~ an opportunity to sit down with your planner every couple months to address any issues you may be having and troubleshoot them together. This option is very popular and a great way to stay on track and maximize your wedding plan.
  • Floral/Decor Management ~ assistance with allocating the floral/decor budget, receive inspiration, feedback, and ideas, and gain support in short listing and sourcing your ideal florist and decorator to help implement the design.
  • Venue Selection ~ your planner will shortlist options and open your eyes to venues you never knew were possible.
  • Budget Allocation ~ creation of a realistic, detailed, line by line interactive budget that will enlighten you and prepare you for all the costs to come. Knowledge is power!
  • Vendor Management ~ we will help make sense of all of the vendor services and options out there.
  • DIY Project Sourcing & Management ~ are you looking to take on some fun or unique DIY projects for the wedding?  We know some wonderful wholesalers and have awesome contacts for helping you stretch that budget!

  Finalization Questionnaire – This detailed questionnaire will ask you all the right questions so that the important information and things to think about are all in one place and addressed with plenty of time to correct or implement as needed.  This questionnaire can be shared with your Planner as soon as it’s complete and ideally prior to the Finalization Meeting.

  Finalization Meeting – Held 4-6 weeks prior to the wedding. This meeting is always super productive and fun and will allow you to hand off all the concerns, outstanding issues, and plans to your Planner.

  Attendance at a scheduled Ceremony Rehearsal – In the event that the ceremony is being held outside of an organized private facility like a church, synagogue, or temple, your Planner can play a more active role in offering insight into the process and coordinating the rehearsal. It is also at this time that your Planner will relieve you of any specialty items like favors, cake topper, cake knife/server, extra dresses/shoes, photos, and any other transportable wedding bits and pieces so you can focus on getting married and enjoying your rehearsal dinner.

  Complete Orchestration of the Wedding DayIncludes complete coordination of the wedding day including our infamous colour coded Timeline that will organize the day from morning to night including vendor arrivals/departures, guests activities, speech flow, and all events as they unfold. A realistic timeline is our secret weapon to ensuring a successful and enjoyable wedding day! See our Wedding Coordination package for a detailed breakdown of all that our wedding day support services include.

Our Essentials Planning service is $3295.00 with One Lead Planner and One Assistant on the Wedding Day.  Essentials support begins up to 2 months before the wedding excluding contracted planning hours which may be used at any time during the planning period.  Price may increase with more than 150 guests, limited time for setup and/or a more complex DIY decor plan requiring additional assistants, multiple locations, multiple days of celebration, etc. For destination weddings taking place outside the Lower Mainland an additional $1500.00 will be charged and hotel accommodations and a per diem for the planner and assistants will apply.  Price to be confirmed after The Consultation has taken place.

As a valued DreamGroup client, you will receive VIP access & Complimentary tickets to the shows that we produce including the The Original Bridal Swap.

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