Wedding Day Management

We always say that at a very minimum a couple should have someone on hand to ensure that all that they envision for their day comes to light as planned.  This is the perfect level of support for the couple who is planning their own wedding, but want to delegate the wedding day management responsibilities to a professional so that they can be fully present and confidently enjoy all the moments the day will bring. This service officially begins 4-6 weeks before the wedding.


Our Wedding Day Management Service includes:

~ Vendor Referrals – We know a lot of people! Scratch that. We know a lot of incredible, talented, hard working people that do what they do very well!  We are happy to recommend or introduce you to vendors that we know will exceed expectations and help you maximize your priorities.

~ Finalization Questionnaire which will be e-mailed to you upon confirmation of our services.  This awesome tool will provide you with an opportunity to collect all the important planning information in one handy place and serves as a great cross check reminder check list bringing to your attention many details that are often overlooked. The completed questionnaire will assist us in creating a fluid and efficiently run wedding day.  We will review it and fill in any blanks together during our Finalization Meeting 4-6 weeks before the wedding.

~ Finalization Meeting 4-6 weeks before the wedding to review the Finalization Questionnaire and confirm on day set-up activities and events.

~ Creation of a realistic customized Wedding Day Timeline that will give you the play by play of all activities and events taking place from morning to night including everything from hair and make up timing, to vendor start/end times, to transportation movements, to the food and beverage service timing, to speech flow, etc.  We’ve had couples say that being able to see their day as it will unfold before the wedding offered such an incredible peace of mind and removed all the question marks they had about how things might go.

~ Communication + Coordination with all Vendors in lead up to the wedding day. This is when we connect the dots and often catch the little things that have been overlooked with time to correct them.

~ Pickup of personal Wedding Day Bits + Pieces (i.e. signage, place cards, favors, seating chart, photos, monies to be distributed to vendors on the day, etc.) and ensuring that they are brought to the wedding venue(s) and set up as needed.

~ Attendance and Coordination of the Rehearsal. This is also when we often get to meet the VIPs and Family Members so we can help make their experience a better one too!

~ Wedding Day Setup including, but not limited to: setting out escort cards/seating chart, placement of place cards and favors, setting out of guest book and/or equivalent, overseeing prompt arrival and direction of vendors, setting out centerpieces, packing up of gifts and personal items at the end of the evening, etc.

~ Wedding Day Coordination to orchestrate the overall smooth flow and success of your wedding day by being present to handle any situations that arise – both expected and unexpected — and by managing the flow of the Wedding Day Timeline (i.e. ceremony, guest arrival and greeting at reception, dinner start time, speech maintenance, emcee management, etc.).  In addition, we always have our Emergency Toolbox on hand and are always prepared to save the day!

Wedding Day Management support begins approximately 4-6 weeks before the wedding and starts at $1995.00 with one Lead Planner and One Assistant.  **as a DreamGroup client, you will receive VIP access & Complimentary tickets to The Original Bridal Swap.

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