DreamGroup’s Wedding Toolbox ~ What’s the Weather like in June? Where do I get my Marriage License? And More!

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We’ve compiled a few handy tools that every Vancouver Bride & Groom will want to check out!!

This first one we provide with a bit of caution…remember, it doesn’t matter what the weather is like on your wedding day.  As long as you have a Plan B and guests are warm and dry it will still be an incredible day.  You are marrying your true love after all!!


Your Wedding Day Weather History


**Only click if you are sure you want to know!


Sunrise… Sunset… Sunrise… Sunset…


**Note there will still be daylight for about 30 minutes after the official sun set time indicated.


Find your Marriage Commissioner


**The way marriage commissioners in BC quote has recently changed and can vary from person to person depending on how they choose to quote (either as a package deal or a la carte by the hour).  The fee is charged based on the number of hours a marriage commissioner spends with the client beginning with any detailed discussions of vows/ceremony timing through to general guidance sought out by the client, to rehearsal, and finally on day ceremony officiating.  Most often it comes out to $150-$200.00 including the rehearsal.  The government takes a considerable portion of the fee quoted so gratuities are always appreciated when a marriage commissioner has shown extra care and kindness in their efforts.


Yes, you need a license to be married in Vancouver


**It’s as easy as one of you walking into London Drugs for example and providing the insurance clerk with both parties full names, birth dates, and places of birth, and $100.00 (no tax) – Yup, really.


Going from Miss to Mrs.


**You do not need to legally change your name if you are simply changing your surname to that of your new spouse.  A legal name change is only required if you you are planning to hyphenate or combine both surnames.


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