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Make the most of your wedding plan and delegate the day of responsibilities to a professional. We feel all couples should have professional support when preparing for and carrying out the wedding day logistics to ensure that everything they have planned and envision for the day comes together as expected — without those “too little too late” disappointments and hindsight 20-20 realizations.

As experienced planners we know what a couple needs to consider in order to make the most of this important time in their lives. We have created a thoughtful and thorough wedding day management service for couples who want to maximize their wedding’s success! Tap into our knowledge, tools, and connections, while putting in your own sweat equity, to keep wedding planning costs down.

Logistical day of support affords you the opportunity to be fully present and confidently enjoy all the moments the day will bring.

What makes our Wedding Day Essentials service unique?

In addition to the typical “day of coordination” offerings, we include several tools and extras that make our service truly unique and impactful!  We include a super productive Momentum Meeting to take place at a midway point during your planning journey. This meeting will be exactly what’s needed when you are in the midst of what may feel like “planning chaos” and we have no doubt you will be thankful for it.  We will then pick up approximately 6 weeks before the wedding with a scheduled Finalization Meeting. This meeting will allow us to pull everything you have planned together and help you get to the finish line in top form!

Our Wedding Day Essentials Service includes:

Vendor Referrals ~ We know a lot of people! Scratch that. We know a lot of incredible, talented, hard working people that do what they do very well! We’re happy to recommend or introduce you to vendors who will exceed expectations and help you maximize your priorities.

DreamGroup’s Step by Step Guide to Planning the Perfect Wedding ~ This super resourceful wedding guide created by yours truly is jam packed with the most amazing resources for planning your Vancouver wedding! It includes trusted DreamGroup vendor referrals with live links, planning tasks, & helpful tools to make planning the wedding easier. It also includes reminders, personal “dg tips and favs”.

Q&A: Our knowledge is your knowledge ~ Have a question as you move yourself through the planning? Your planner will be available should you have a question along your planning journey.  If elevated planning support is desired in contacting vendors to confirm availability, researching/comparing prices, reviewing contracts, attending vendor meetings, etc. this can be added on in an hourly capacity as needed.

Finalization Questionnaire ~ This “workbook” will be shared upon confirmation of our services to complete and reference as needed along the planning journey. This awesome tool will provide you with an opportunity to collect all the important planning information in one handy place. It also serves as a great check list bringing to your attention many things to consider and details that are often overlooked. The completed questionnaire will assist us in creating a fluid and efficiently run wedding day. We will review it and fill in any blanks during the Finalization Meeting.

Momentum Meeting ~ This 2-Hour face to face or Zoom meeting can be used in a variety of ways.  Invite your planner to join you on a site visit and/or food and beverage meeting, attend a floral/décor meeting, conduct a progress meeting to address issues and help develop next steps in the planning, etc.  Whatever you feel you need the most help with we are happy to support!  We will offer encouragement, help prevent procrastination, reinforce decisions, and troubleshoot issues you may be facing.  Additional paid planning and consultation hours may be requested if desired along the way.

Finalization Meeting ~ This meeting typically takes place 6-8 weeks before the wedding, depending on when the couple is ready to roll! We will review the completed Finalization Questionnaire and confirm the who, what, where, and when surrounding the wedding day logistics. We will confirm all activities and events that are to take place. Usually a 1-2 hour meeting.

Wedding Day Timeline ~ Creation of a realistic (and colour-coded for easy reference) schedule of events that will give you the play by play of all activities taking place from morning to night. Including everything from hair and makeup timing, to Vendor start/end times, to transportation movements, to the food and beverage service timing, to speech flow, games, cake cutting, bouquet toss, etc. We’ve had couples say that being able to see their day as it will play out before the wedding offered such peace of mind. It removes all question marks you may have about how things might go.

Communication + Coordination ~ We will connect with your vendors in the last couple weeks leading up to the wedding day. This is when we cross check the details provided in the Finalization Questionnaire with that of the vendor’s notes to ensure that everyone is on the same page. We often catch little things that have been overlooked with enough time to correct them. We know what to look for!

Pickup of personal Wedding Day Bits + Pieces ~ The last thing you will want to have to think about is how you will get all the little personal items to the venue and setup. From the signage, place cards, favors, seating chart, photos, monies to be distributed to vendors, not to worry — we’ve got this! We will arrange a date and time to collect all these items from you the week of the wedding, often at the Rehearsal.

Attendance and Coordination of the Rehearsal ~ Whether hosting the ceremony at a place of worship, garden, or ballroom, having your planner on hand will be appreciated. We will greet and direct people, answer questions, and help keep the timeline moving. This is also when we meet the VIPs and Family Members and help make their wedding day experience wonderful too!

Wedding Day Setup ~ We will be there to ensure everyone knows what to do, manage the moving parts, and set up all the “bits and pieces” as expected. Including setting out escort cards/seating chart/place cards/favors/guest book and/or equivalent. We will also oversee the prompt arrival and direction of Vendors, set out centerpieces, pack up gifts/personal items, etc.

Wedding Day Coordination ~ This is it! It all comes down to this day. This moment. And it will be great! We will orchestrate the overall smooth flow and success of your wedding day from start to end. We will be present to handle any situations that arise (expected and unexpected) and manage the flow of your wedding day. Including vendor direction, guest greeting, ceremony/reception timing, speech/emcee management, and maintaining an ideal ambiance for guest comfort. We will also monitor and adjust music/temperature/lighting levels, etc. It’s the little things that all add up to creating the perfect atmosphere. In addition, we always have our Emergency Toolbox on hand and are always prepared to save the day! After all, proper planning prevents poor performance don’t you know?!


How Much Is The Wedding Day Essentials service?

The Wedding Day Essentials Service officially begins 6-8 weeks before the wedding and is $3,295.00 plus GST with one Lead Planner and One Assistant in attendance on the day. Price may increase with more than 150 guests, limited time for setup and/or a more complex DIY décor plan. i.e. need for additional assistants, multiple locations, multiple days of celebration, etc.  **Additional planning and consultation hours are available upon request.

This service is only available for weddings taking place within Metro Vancouver.  Destination Wedding Planning is only offered in a Full Planning capacity.


Drop us an email at or give us a call at 604.537.3575 to set up your complimentary consultation!  And be sure to follow us @dreamgroupplanners on Insta for lots of great wedding inspiration and ideas!


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