Marry Me Juliet

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People often ask “What is it about wedding planning that you love so much?”…  Well, the answer is simple.  LOVE.  After 20+ years working with couples to draw out their vision and help them create a day they will never forget I still get goosebumps when I see the deep devotion and unconditional love expressed between my couples.  The wedding industry is a unique one in that you are given an intimate glimpse into the journey of a couple and the creating of a new life together in love.  It’s magical, especially when that love is as deep and devoted as Amanda and Ben’s.  Amanda has the sweetest heart perfectly paired with Ben’s dependable nature.  Here is Marry Me Juliet as planned with DreamGroup Founding Planner, Genève McNally

Exceptional documentation and story telling by the talented Danaea and Silas of The Godard’s Photography

Makeup provided by Denise Elliott Beauty Co and Hair Styling by Halo Salon.

The historic Castle in the City Fairmont Hotel Vancouver served as the perfect place to start this wedding day adventure!

The proudest Dad in the world, Mark, greets his daughter Amanda for an impromptu Father-Daughter First Look! 

Amanda and Ben proved that if you want something bad enough you will do anything in your power to make it happen!  In this case the thing each of them wanted most was each other.  Living in two different countries required Amanda & Ben to show patience and perseverance in getting to happily ever after under one roof!

How gorgeous is this wedding party we ask you?!

Ben did the most romantic thing and chose to convert to Judaism for Amanda.  As Ben was living in Portland it made sense to study with local Rabbi Michael Cahana.  When it came time to say “I do” Amanda and Ben knew that Rabbi Cahana had to be the one to make their partnership official here in Vancouver. 

Plans were made for Rabbi Cahana to fly to Vancouver from Portland on the morning of the wedding to perform the ceremony.  On the wedding day, however, Rabbi Cahana’s flight was delayed.  Although we were able to quickly line up support from another local Rabbi to step in if needed, Rabbi Cahana and his lovely wife Cantor Ida Rae Cahana were not going to let a flight delay stand in the the way of performing this very special ceremony.  They jumped in a rental car and put pedal to the metal to get to Brock House on Jericho Beach in a record 5 and a half hours! 

We determined that the new plan would have the Rabbi arriving about an hour after the scheduled ceremony time so we decided to flip the ceremony and cocktail hour.  Guests were offered cocktails on the lawn while they patiently awaited the arrival of the Rabbi and Cantor.  The energy was exciting as everyone was routing for the Rabbi!

The Ketubah Signing Ceremony was extra special and emotional with Rabbi Cahana.

It’s the BEST feeling when the reality surpasses the vision!  Ruffled Rose and Celsia Floral together = magic!

Ben calmly awaiting the arrival of his bride to be Amanda!  The incredibly stunning statement Chuppah was abundant with florals expertly assembled by the wonderful team at Celsia Floral. Chuppah structure provided by Ruffled Rose Co. 

Amanda & Ben decided to make it an equal opportunity ceremony with both of them breaking the ceremonial glass together!

We can’t believe the day has finally come!  We are so grateful that we had your support along the way. Thank you for making our vision come to life!  You have made the entire planning process easy, fun, and we have been so appreciative of your advice along the way!  Thank you for always listening to us and making us feel heard.  We couldn’t imagine doing this with anyone else and we will mis our check-ins, phone calls, and texts.  We will always look back and think of this day knowing you were such a big part of it. 

With all our love,

Amanda & Ben

“I don’t think I have ever met two parents who were more supportive and devoted to Amanda’s happiness as Susie and Mark were during the wedding plan! Their family relationship is the sweetest. ” ~ Genève

The Hora which took place on the lawn just before guests took their seats for dinner was very sweet & festive!

The Ruffled Rose Co. team brought all the love for Amanda & Ben!  Their easy going style and “it’s nothing we can’t handle” attitude was so wonderful!  The linens, tabletop accents, Chuppah structure, and lounge area all added to the overall feeling of relaxed elegance!

Amanda is Vegan and she really wanted her cake to be Vegan!  Edible Flours, a long time favourite of Amanda’s, understood the assignment and created the perfect lavender cake that checked all the cake boxes! 

Style Keywords

Romantic ~ Pastels ~ Relaxed ~ Dreamy ~ Elegant ~ Authentic

Every mom hopes to dance with her son at his wedding while he looks back at her like this! 

Amanda and Ben had one of the most energetic and enthusiastic friend groups we’ve ever seen and they knew how to keep a dance floor packed and jumping right up to the very last dance!  Thank you to DJ Troy with Musos Entertainment for his wonderful music management!  


Marry me, Juliet, You’ll never have to be aloneI love you and that’s all I really knowI talked to your dad, go pick out a white dressIt’s a love story, baby, just say, “Yes”


Highlight Reel by the super talented Hello Tomorrow

Check out this behind the scenes footage of quite possibly the most special moment DreamGroup Founding Planner, Genève McNally, has ever witnessed at one of her weddings!


IG Highlight of the day as captured by Hello Tomorrow


The Vendor Team that brought Marry Me Juliet to life…



As planned with DreamGroup Founding Planner Geneve McNally

Genève McNally Founding Planner


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