Take Me Home to Italy

An event planner herself, the bride Venetia had a very specific vision for her wedding!  DreamGroup Planner Sandy Hoong worked closely with Venetia to support her vison and help make it a [...]

Wedding Day Timelines

You’ve invested countless hours researching, comparing services, making decisions, and choosing vendors.  Now it’s time to bring all the details together to create one incredible day! [...]

Love Changes Everything

My relationship with Robin Ducharme began, not as her wedding planner, but as an event planner for her Real Love Ready Summit, a wonderful resource for those who wish to “learn how to love [...]

Be My Valentine

High school sweethearts, Sarah and Alex, hosted an unforgettable Chinese Valentine’s themed wedding.  Thousands of red roses adorned the ballroom. Decadent chandeliers and a custom rose [...]

You Loved Me Whole

This wedding holds a very special place in my heart. I had planned to blog about Naomi & Kristoff’s wedding back in early 2020, but then Covid hit and life got thrown on its side.  So [...]

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