15 Things to Consider for Your Wedding

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It’s been a whirlwind!  You’ve dreamed, you’ve planned, you’ve budgeted, you’ve edited, you’ve dreamed some more and now the day you’ve been waiting for is near.  Here are 15 Things to Consider for Your Wedding to make it that much more successful.

1. Wedding Day Timeline — If you haven’t created a proper timeline of events for your wedding day you really should!  Check out Wedding Day Timelines on the DreamGroup blog.

2. Marriage License & Wedding Rings — a good plan is to place both these items in the suit jacket pocked of the Groom’s tuxedo the night before or morning of.

3. Gratuities for your Vendor Team — It’s nice to appreciate those that are working hard for you on the wedding day!  Place cash in marked envelopes ahead of time and give them to a trusted friend/family member or your planner to distribute on the day.

4. Communication is KEY! — Check in with your Vendor Team one week before the wedding to ensure drop off, start times, pickup times, and last minute additions have been accounted for.  It’s a good idea to have a print out of your confirmed order/contract with each vendor on hand to reference and have your coordinator or family/friend crosscheck when the vendor arrives.


“We have a saying at DreamGroup which is Always Be Communicating!  Learn your ABCs!”


5. Phone Charger — This is such a valuable thing to have fully charged and ready to go on the wedding day! There’s nothing more stressful than a phone that dies when you really need it!  You will likely need to call to update a vendor, a family member, or reach the Groom!

6. Flowers for the Cake — This is one area that is very often overlooked.  If your plan is to have fresh flowers added to your cake on the day be sure to order extra ahead of time.  Assuming you can just borrow a few from other arrangements isn’t ideal as the flowers for the cake often need to be cut and treated and also taking from the centerpieces can compromise the integrity and balance of the design.

7. Get your Engagement Ring wedding day ready! — Cleaning and/or polishing your wedding ring is always a nice idea so it sparkles in the photos and as you move through the day.

8. Invitation Suite for the Photographer — Photographers love to include the little details that led up to the wedding day!  Pack an extra set and give to the photographer when she arrives at the “getting ready” location or venue.


“Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance”


9. Rain Plan — No one wants rain on their wedding day, BUT the reality is rain happens.  Having a backup plan for your outdoor ceremony and photos is the best way to reduce stress and disappointment.  Have an indoor photo location in mind and make sure they allow photo pop-ins as not all venues/hotels do.

10. Point Person — If you don’t have a wedding planner or coordinator supporting your day, be sure to assign someone the role of Vendor Liaison.  This could be a Mom, Bridesmaid, or Helpful Auntie/Cousin. They should have a copy of all involved vendors, a copy of the wedding day timeline, and a copy of the contract/order to reference if needed.  Provide this person’s name and number to all the Vendors so they can reach them as needed.

11. Photo Wrangler — Assigning someone the role of photo wrangler will be so appreciated by the photographer and even the planner!  This person is ideally someone that knows your wedding party and family and can help identify and coral them at designated times for photo/speeches, etc. Provide them with a copy of the wedding day timeline and a “Must Have Photo List”.

12. Safe Keeping — Assign someone to collect memorabilia and other special items throughout the day to ensure they don’t get lost or thrown out. i.e. place cards, copy of the menu, champagne flutes, cake topper, guest book, photos, cake knife/server, etc.



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Don't make me budget



13. Proper Postage — Don’t assume your invitations are a standard weight.  Take them to the post office and have them weighed to ensure they have the correct amount of stamps.  This will avoid “Return to Sender” scenarios and “Lost in the Mail” invites. AND don’t forget to put a return address on them!

14. Vendor Meals — Your Vendors are the ones who will help make your day everything you want it to be, but remember they are human and need sustenance to keep their energy up!  Make sure you have arranged for proper Vendor Meals/Snacks/Water throughout the day for them.  This can go a long way and often encourages that little bit of extra love!

15. Wedding Day Emergency Kit — It’s a great idea to pack a bag filled with all the little bits and pieces you may need on the day!  You will be so thankful to have those “save the day” items on hand just in case you need them.  Check out DreamGroup’s blog “Wedding Day Emergency Kit” to find out what WE bring on the wedding day!


Okay! Now you can confidently lose yourself in the day knowing you are prepared for anything! Have a beautiful wedding and Congratulations!



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