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Not a lot of positive things can be said about the pandemic and the affects it has had on our lives, BUT certainly one of silver linings has been the magical micro and intimate wedding celebrations that have come out of it! This backyard chic celebration set the bar very high for the micro weddings to follow. And even though the traditional big weddings will no doubt be back on the scene in no time, we really hope that some couples still choose to celebrate intimately and authentically just like Alexa & Keith.

The Bride’s Story…

Where did you meet? “We met on tinder. Our first date comes along with a pretty funny story too ;)”

What was important to you when designing the plan for your wedding day? “It was important that our wedding be an expression of who we are as a couple. This meant incorporating elements like a popcorn champagne toast, seafood (both of our favs), dogs (a puppy too), and sharing our own vows.

It was also really important to us to support our go-to local vendors (Livia Bakery, the Wildbunch, Salt & Earth etc).

I’m a creative human with a background in design, so having a uniquely beautiful wedding was important. I had a lot of fun creating a ‘scandi-fornia’ vibe of minimalism, warmth, and colour alongside our fantastic coordinator Jill and our other talented vendors.

The favourite part of the day? Why?

“It’s hard to choose just one! Sharing our vows was a really special moment for us. Also, nothing really compares to being seated around a table with your loved ones sharing amazing food (hello crab boil!) and stories in terms of memories. We also ended the night with backyard beer pong, which was very us and very hilarious.”

What advice would you give to other brides planning a micro Covid rule wedding?

To know that in some ways celebrating small was a blessing for us. We were able to make our families more central to the celebration, which is what weddings are really about right? To us, our wedding just felt like a really great dinner party, not a production with speeches, schedules, and responsibilities “” even though that’s fun too!

It was pretty magical to focus solely on having a good time with each other and our families/friends and being at a table where you can see, hear and speak to everyone at the celebration was pretty magical. The intimacy, warmth, and joy of our wedding is something we’ll never forget!”

Getting ready is half the fun!

It’s Almost Time!

Father of the Bride

Backyard Chic

I do! I do! I do!

Sealed with a Kiss!

Cocktails Anyone?

Ways to Make an Intimate Wedding Memorable

Golden Hour… Photo Magic!

Let’s Eat Crab!

How low can she go? We love a good cake cutting ceremony!

First Dance

Words Matter

Dancing into the night…


The Vendor Team that brought this wedding to life:


Wedding Coordination with Jill Bryan

Jill Bryan Associate Planner


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