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We’ve been around and we’ve seen a lot. We are also one of the most experienced and well connected wedding planning companies in Vancouver. With that experience comes our knowledge of the best Vancouver Wedding Venues.

And it all starts with the perfect venue…

Vancouver is jam packed with incredible venues that come in all shapes, formalities, and sizes. And the potential for greatness is huge! Some venues are perfect just as they are, while others require a little more imagination. That said with a little imagination and the right amount of billowy draperies, gorgeous up lighting, and a few thoughtful touches even the most unexpected spaces can be transformed into the most magical setting for a wedding.

These days, couples are often looking for somethingSomething Different, Something Dreamy, Something Luxurious, Something Fun, Something Memorable. Below you will find a very thorough list of venues just waiting to be discovered and enjoyed… or in some cases reimagined!

Have fun on the hunt for your Perfect Wedding Venue!


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