Amazing Happens

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“Amazing Happens” when people come together to talk about the important things being done and the even more important things that need happen!  For over 12 years DreamGroup has supported The Jewish Federation of Greater Vancouver with many of their wonderful community events.  The Annual Campaign Opening Night is a big one!  It is always so inspiring to see how hard JFGV works to move the meter and bring people together to make a difference.

Amazing Happens

Amazing Happens when the flowers are pretty!

Beautiful flowers from Frans Flowers

Amazing Happens when the food is delicious!

Delicious cocktail fare from The Perfect Bite

Amazing Happens ~ Mayim Bialik & Jonathan Cohen

The crowd adored Mayim Bialik (co-host of Jeopardy) & Jonathan Cohen!  Laughter is such a fabulous way to kick off an event and there was lots of it!  The pair have mastered the art of communication, as evidenced on their podcast “Mayim Bialik’s Breakdown available on Apple.

Amazing Happens ~ Fran Drescher

Headliner Fran Drescher, of “The Nanny” and the Cancer Schmancer Movement, brought true life experiences and beautifully told stories to the stage.

Some of these shared experiences were somber and crowd quieting while others had everyone in stitches.

Amazing Happens

Jewish Federation of Greater Vancouver’s Mission…

Inspired by our Jewish values we strengthen the quality of Jewish life locally, in Israel and around the world.  Together we create a vibrant, caring and inclusive community.

Our work is inspired by…

Tikkun Olam, repairing the world;
Tzedakah, justice, charity;
Klal Israel, the unity of all the Jewish people;
Chesed, loving kindness.

Our work is guided by the following performance values:

Caring, treating each other with respect and kindness;
Excellence, consistently meeting or exceeding expectations;
Collaboration, working together to achieve our goals; and
Efficiency, maximizing the effective use of our resources.

Amazing Happens

Amazing Happens

Amazing Happens ~ The Audience

Congregation Beth Israel offered the perfect space to host this important community event

Amazing Happens

~ As planned with DreamGroup Founding Planner Genève McNally

Genève McNally Founding Planner

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